My name is Heidi, my Spirit name is Amaru, an iridescent winged serpent able to transcend earth and sky dwelling in subterranean places. I have always known my nature to be quite literal. I also am a double Libra on the cusp of Scorpio and so I can dive deep into those lunar places and also fly high to angelic realms! Sweet Serpent/Amaru is all about releasing, shedding, letting go and is down to earth in a deep way, AND what a beautiful gift to have wings too!!!!! I absolutely resonate with my spirit name gifted to me in ceremony by my sweetest teacher Christine Selda with Shamanic Yoga Institute. I have cycled the medicine wheel as a participant and assistant many times since 2009. I am a lover of nature and all her beauty and abundance. I aspire to always walk lightly, giving offerings to the land, praying for balance, reciprocity and right relationship with all my relations. My blood lineage and ancestors are from Denmark and Ireland. I am diving deeper into my roots, my bloodline deeply ingrained in Europe. I currently reside as a settler and guest on the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation and Coast Salish people. 


My love for scent began early in my childhood with a scratch and sniff Christmas Storybook about a bear family celebrating Christmas, the pages filled with Peppermint, Ginger, Cinnamon, Sweet Orange, and Pine. I still have that book, it is scratched dry. In my pre-teen years I had a photo album filled with a scratch and sniff sticker collection. Many of my friends had them too. We would trade stickers and get together to admire and check out who had which smelly sticker. I'm pretty sure when I dig out my keepsake box in the depths of storage, I will find it. 


I was introduced to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils during my pregnancy with my son in 1994. My entire birth plan was orchestrated to include them. I worked at Escents and was offered a training in Aromatherapy. I did not know then, the deep connection and lifelong friendship that would form with Jade Shutes, founder of the School for Aromatic Studies. I worked, studied and apprenticed, eventually becoming certified as a Practicing Aromatherapist in 1997. Jade introduced me to the World of Aromatherapy and Herbalism, inviting me to many NAHA conferences, and connecting me with dozens of colleagues, teachers and mentors that continue to inform me to this very day.

The Elemental Synergies

Early in 2000, I created my first four synergies Water, Air, Earth and Fire. The intention was to invoke my interpretation of the inherent wisdom of the element into each synergy. I chose essential oils that elicit the healing benefit of the element. 

Nurture Thy Heart with WATER - Organic Essential Oil Blend Calming and Relaxing for the Emotions with a blue quartz crystal imbued with blessings for soothing and serenity, washing away stress. Contains Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium + Sweet Orange 

Cleanse Thy Space with AIR - Organic Essential Oil Blend 
Cleansing and Uplifting for the Mind with a citrine crystal imbued with blessings for cleansing, clearing and refreshing the senses.
Contains Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange + Lemongrass
Root Thy Being with EARTH - Organic Essential oil Blend 
Grounding and Ceremonial for the Spirit with a black onyx crystal imbued with prayers to root into Mother Earth, deepening your ritual practice.
Contains Frankincense, Vetiver and Lavender 
Ignite Thy Immunity with FIRE - Organic Essential Oil Blend 
Warming and Stimulating for the Physical with a carnelian crystal imbued with prayers to activate circulation, igniting the Fire of your immunity.
Contains Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Clove and Cinnamon


Medicine Wheel Essential Oil Blends

The Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel are connected with an archetype. Each animal archetype has wisdom to share as well as methodology of seeing and being.

I created the Medicine Wheel Essential Oils to assist in this methodology also known as Perceptual Shifting, a way to see and be.

Aroma + Memory = Emotion  

Sweet + Luminous Surrender SACHAMAMA 
Rich + Cleansing Organic Essential Oil Blend with a hematite crystal imbued with prayers to support rebirthing, encouraging fluidity and shedding what no longer serves your highest and best.
Contains Vetiver, Myrrh and Sage
Sacred Energetic Protection OTORONGO
Fresh + Fierce Organic Essential Oil Blend with a black onyx crystal imbued with protective prayers and to hold our back during our transformation, removing negativity, fear and anxiety.
Contains Palo Santo, Rosemary and Cinnamon leaf
Bright + Light Flight SIWARKENTI
Light + Joyful Organic Essential Oil Blend holding you sweetly with an amethyst crystal bestowing blessings to step out of time and space, easing anxiety, offering courage, lightness, joy and bliss.
Contains Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage 
Balancing + Uplifting APUCHIN
Fresh + Illuminating Organic Essential Oil Blend inviting wisdom and emotional stability and a citrine crystal bestowing blessings to lighten a depressed mood, shift perspective and brighten a heavy heart.
Contains Bergamot and Cedarwood 
Rich + Rosy CARNATION (Mother Earth)
Sweet, Spicy Organic Essential Oil Blend a heart healing sensual aroma with a rose quartz crystal, imbued with prayers to nurture right relationship with Pachamama and all relations.
Contains Black Pepper, Geranium + Ylang Ylang 
What is Right Relationship?

The Grand Round of Life

The Spiral

Life, Death, Rebirth

Transformation and Integration

There is no Separation


Middle of the Middle 

Navigating Non Duality

to Unite Opposites

Healing the Collective Unconscious

Refined Reconciliation

Starts with Self.