From Scent to Soul

An Aromatic Journey from wounds to wisdom

Meet Heidi Nielsen

 Holistic Aromatherapist and Traditional Herbalist

Heidi's path of service is to hold space for others with an open heart, supporting their journey of self-discovery and transformation.

"Having to dig deep to find the nuggets of wisdom within my wounds, and cycling through the Medicine Wheel many times, I uncovered my ability to hold space in the place of the medial. Navigating earth and sky, supporting others to deepen their awareness of Self and bring balance. My name Amaru, gifted to me by a most beloved teacher and friend, has supported me in my work as an Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Elemental Priestess, to rise and step forward to share my gifts.'

In service to community for over a decade, Heidi has facilitated circles, ceremonies, workshops, Blessing Ways and Life Celebrations. Fuelled by a passion to live in a world free from oppression and patriarchal attitudes, Heidi shares her voice in a number of ways as a front line support worker at the Howe Sound Women's Centre Society and at fire ceremonies and healing circles.

The Medicine of Amaru

The Serpent-Dragon belongs to the mystery of the cycles of life, death and rebirth. This mythology is present in most ancient cultures. ​The energy of "Amaru" opens channels to gain inner awareness and wisdom. 

In Andean Mytholology, Amaru is an iridescent winged serpent able to transcend earth and sky, dwelling in subterranean places underground and in rivers. The medicine of Amaru is about releasing and shedding outmoded ways of being and seeing. It is also about making the unconscious conscious and the ability to transform our wounds into our greatest gifts.

Blend the mystery and medicine of Amaru with the power of essential oils to begin YOUR healing journey from scent to soul and from wounds to wisdom with Amaru Aromatherapy.

The Power of Essential Oils

Discover how essential oils and our sense of smell can unlock the door to the unconscious, revealing hidden gifts and wisdom. Amaru Aromatherapy offers a variety of organic essential oils, synergies, and specialty products to support your soul's healing journey.


Elemental Wisdom Kit and Andean Archetype Collection

Experience Amaru Aromatherapy's Elemental Wisdom Kit and Andean Archetype Collection, designed to bring balance and deepen your connection to nature and self. Each kit contains essential oil synergies, altar cards (or stickers) and hand-chosen crystals. All products are beautifully packaged and sent with a blessing!

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Aromatic Apothecary

Aromatic Markets, Artisan Distillation and Workshops

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