My Spirit name is Amaru. 

In Andean Mytholology, Amaru is an iridescent winged serpent able to transcend earth and sky, dwelling in subterranean places. 

The medicine of sweet serpent/Amaru is about releasing and shedding outmoded ways of being and seeing with fluidity and grace.

I hold that transcendence of earth and sky, supporting my clients to heal disowned parts of themselves, while releasing what no longer serves their highest and best.

My products are created with intention to support these processes.

Amaru Aromatherapy offers a wide expanse of organic essential oils, synergies, hydrosols, herbal infusions, salves, spritzers, roll-on’s, botanical incense, beeswax candles, crystal altars and Ouroboros Water, an alternative to Florida Water, used in ceremony and for cleansing and sanitizing.

I am a Holistic Aromatherapist with the School for Aromatic Studies and the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy since 1997. I hold a diploma as a Traditional Herbalist with the Science and Art of Herbalism. I am a mesa carrier with the Shamanic Yoga Institute. I like to think that I'm Reiki attuned, herbal infused and trauma informed. I hold space with an open heart, and have come full circle many times with SYTT Medicine Wheel’s as a participant and teachers assistant since 2010. Amaru is the spirit name given to me in ceremony by the founder of SYI Christine Selda. 

Wellness Consultations include a plethora of options, customized for the individual, and include the healing modalities of plant medicine, aromatherapy, herbalism, crystals, candles, energy work, mindful movement, mantra and meditation.

I am honoured to be in service to community having facilitated many healing circles and ceremonies. I offer various workshops: Introduction to Aromatherapy, Essential Oil Blending, Artisan Distillation and Elemental Healing.

I am fuelled by a passion to live in a world free from oppression and patriarchal attitudes. I share my voice in a number of ways as an anti-violence worker at the Howe Sound Women's Centre in Squamish, and as medicine song singer and Priestess. 

My blood lineage and ancestors are from Denmark and Ireland. I am a settler and guest on the unceded territory of the Squamish Nation and Coast Salish people.   


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