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Aromatherapy is the holistic therapeutic application of genuine essential oils for enhancing our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health. Genuine essential oils are steam distilled plant essences. Essential oils can also be ‘expressed’ by squeezing the rind of a fruit to obtain their vital oils. These vital oils are the life force of the plant, their quintessence, whether bark or flower, grass or root, essential oils are the aromatic molecules contained within the plant.

My introduction to these amazing essences has led me along a path to different healing modalities that have shaped my life and taught me how to balance and heal at various times. Aromatherapy led me to Herbalism, which opened the door to a plethora of alternative health practices; yoga, crystal healing, nature-based spirituality, energy/chakra work, Shamanism, and elemental medicine to name a few of my passions. 

Olfaction, our sense of smell, is the pathway into the body, whereby aromas may exert an influence on our mind, body, and spirit. Our sense of smell is capable of altering the landscape of our perceptions, bypassing our thinking mind, accessing our subconscious, offering scent to soul communication. Aromas can affect us in many different ways and can help to balance our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health (Holistic Health). When we move into states of imbalance, essential oils may be considered a preventative and potent approach for supporting us in balancing our wellness. 

Some research findings suggest that aromas can:

  • Reduce stress and worry
  • Induce sleep and relaxation
  • Increase alertness and overall performance
  • Affect and improve mood 
  • Increase our overall health and well-being

Over twenty years ago, I created the elemental essential oil synergies, Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. My process focused on my interpretation and characteristics associated with each element allowing me to identify the medicine/teaching/gift. In creating each synergy, I chose the essential oils that I intuitively felt would embody and exude the energy of that element. Each Synergy aligns holistically with our four states of health: Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. Additional teachings include an affirmation from my Elemental Altar Cards, the key phrase for each synergy, and a ceremony/activity to connect deeper with that element. I also designed a Wellness Wheel, which has taken many forms over the years. It is a visual representation and quick reference to share and teach about the Elemental Synergies.

It is my heartfelt hope that these offerings nourish you, as deeply as they have nurtured me.

Element: FIRE


Direction: SOUTH

Affirmation: Spark Healing by Releasing what needs to Rise and Transform

Keywords: Ignite Thy Immunity

Ceremony /Activity- Candle/Fire

Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Clove, and Cinnamon

When we are feeling unwell, we can call in the healing and transformative energy of Fire synergy to Ignite Thy Immunity; our innate healing resources to increase circulation release, detoxify and cleanse. Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Clove, and Cinnamon are the essential oils in Fire, and they offer potent antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. They are warming and stimulating for our circulation, firing up our immune system to fight a virus or flu. When applied topically, in a salve or vegetable oil, Fire eases aching muscles, breaks up mucus in our lungs, and supports our Physical Health.

Use 5-7 drops of Fire synergy in a diffuser, or for a topical application, add to 30ml of Olive/Jojoba (carrier oil) (5% dilution) and apply to the throat, chest, and back. Add a heating pad over the top of chest or back to increase essential oil absorption. 


Using fire to transform and shift energy, can be a powerful tool for change. We can light a candle and set an intention for a new way of living. Additionally, we can write something down that we wish to let go of or change in our lives, and with intention, place that paper into a fire for release. These tools can be a transformative experience on our personal journeys and set us on a path with new outcomes.

Element: WATER


Direction:  WEST

Affirmation: Right Relationship begins to Flow with Self Love

Keywords: Nurture Thy Heart

Ceremony/Activity: River/Ocean time, Baths/Showers

Essential Oils: Lavender, Chamomile, Sweet Orange, and Geranium

When our Emotional Health is challenged either by anxiety, or stress and tension from an intense day, we can look forward to being held so sweetly by the calming and soothing essential oils in Water synergy. Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium, and Sweet Orange, Nurture Thy Heart and soften frustration, soothe fear and anxiety while reminding us to move with fluidity, grace, and ease. It may be the perfect time to let go and cry in the bath, cleansing sadness, grief, and sorrow. Water heals in lots of ways!

 Add 5-7 of Water Synergy drops to your bath water. Add 30 drops to 60ml unscented oil/lotion. Place a drop on your heart chakra to soothe any emotional grief in need of nurturing. Allow these emotions to come for cleansing. This Synergy has incredible healing potency nurturing our emotional health.


Spending time near the water, cleansing the back of the neck, chest, and forehead with river or ocean water feels incredible. While there, giving offerings of flowers or herbs to the water with your gratitude, is a gift back to the water, bringing us into reciprocity. Offering our thanks for the gift of water can be very humbling and sacred, always reminding us to treasure and take care of the waters.

Element: EARTH


Direction: NORTH

Affirmation: Sit in Stillness to Connect with Spirit, Be in Silence to hear

Keywords: Root Thy Being

Ceremony/Activity: Gardening, Silence, Stillness

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Vetiver & Lavender

When we are looking to nourish our Spiritual Health, it may be helpful to sit in stillness, and go within the cave of our hearts, to be introspective, allowing thoughts to come and go without attachment and to drop into quiet stillness. The essential oils in Earth synergy may be used to, deepen your sitting practice, Root Thy Being, and strengthen states of introspection and meditation. Frankincense and Vetiver are grounding and protective, rich and musky, while Lavender adds a floral balance to the blend. 

Place one drop of Earth Synergy on each of the soles of the feet to activate the grounding process. Add 5-7 drops to a diffuser. Add 30 drops into 80ml distilled water for a spritzer and 30 drops into a carrier oil for a body/bath oil.


Placing our hands on Pachamama, (Mother Earth) giving offerings, and planting trees seeds and flowers brings us into deeper reciprocity with Mother Earth. Walking gently on her belly and making a commitment to walk with awareness, when we spend time in nature. Lay your belly on the Earth and visualize a golden cord reaching from your heart, drawing down through the layers of earth and stone, to the magnetic center of Mother Earth. Spend time here, rooting and connecting, listening and feeling her heartbeat. Her heartbeat is your heartbeat, connecting you with your true nature, nourishing your Spirit and your connection to all beings.

Element: AIR

MENTAL Healing

Direction: EAST

Affirmation: Cleansing Breaths invite Clarity of Mind, inspiring Highest Vision

Keywords: Cleanse Thy Space

Ceremony/Activity: Walks in Nature, Breath work, Pranayama  

Essential Oils: Lemon & Lime, Sweet Orange & Lemongrass

During those times when our minds are tired and our mental state is challenged, we can use the essential oils in Air synergy to awaken and breathe us, bringing clarity and new vision to our minds. Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange, and Lemongrass are refreshing and cleansing, illuminating our minds and lifting our spirits to begin a brand-new day! When the sun rises, we can refresh our Mental Health with these cleansing and detoxifying citrus oils. Environmental scenting is a great way to detoxify and Cleanse Thy Space as well as lift a depressed state of mind, supporting our mental health.

Citrus oils may cause minor skin sensitization with exposure to sunlight. Keeping a spray bottle in the washroom labeled ‘Citrus Air Freshener’ is an easy way to bring the aroma of essential oils into your home. When we diffuse or spray essential oils into the air, we are breathing in minute aromatic particles. These particles are absorbed into our bloodstream and have a strong influence on our minds and body. Steam inhalation and electric diffusers are potent methods for essential oil inhalation, especially when the respiratory system is tight and congested. 


Taking a walk in nature and breathing deeply in the fresh clean air is a ceremony in itself. Walking in nature next to trees, rivers, oceans, and waterfalls oxygenates our minds and bodies. Studying various practices of Pranayama (breathing practices) strengthens our lungs and our breathing capacity. Breathing in through the nose and out the mouth is calming for our central nervous system. There are dozens of ways we can breathe, often when we are anxious, we are not fully breathing. Full breathing means bringing our breath down deep to expand our belly, filling up our diaphragm and finally our upper chest, and then exhaling with an open mouth and audible sigh, which can deeply support us in states of anxiousness and hyperventilation. Our breath is our life, and the source of our health and wellness. 

Holistically Speaking:

There will be times when we move in and out of balance with our Holistic Health. The Waters will be high and so we will swim and float to smooth calm. The Winds of change will whip our hair, blowing messages our way, whispering in the wind for us breathe deeply. At times the Earth will seem to swallow us whole, so we lay down and listen to hear our spirit speak. Fire will occasionally burn, but we must remember that it also sets necessary things aflame to transform, as well as to bring Blessed Warmth.  

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