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Wild Rose Heart Healing

Wild Rose, Common, Wild or Bristly Rose is from the Rosaceae family. Latin name: Rosa Nutkana  pronounced (Rose-uh noot-KAY-nuh) Nootka Rose Habitat Wild Rose is a hardy perennial shrub in the...

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Elemental Healing with Essential Oils

There will be times when we move in and out of balance with our Holistic Health. The Waters will be high and so we will swim and float to smooth calm. The Winds...

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I love Kitchen Witching!

Working with the natural world and plant realm is so deeply felt in my bones and brings me such JOY!

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Palo Santo - Holds Light in the Dark

Invite Palo Santo to hold Light for you. Wade in the Waters, Dig Deep in the Cave of your Heart, Burn the Fire of your Fears, and let the Ashes Blow...

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Heart Whispers - March, 2020

"Are you going alone?” the inevitable question prior to my 6 week pilgrimage to India. One end of the spectrum, transmuting other people's fear for me, at the other, feeling...

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