An Aromatic Apothecary

Holistic Wellness Consultations

Your Custom Blended Organic Essential Oil Synergy may be used in a variety of ways: Spritzer, Elixirs, Massage oils, Bath Salts and Diffusers.

Your Herbal Tea Formulation - Working with a large expanse of Herbal Simples, we will formulate a herbal tea blend especially for you and provide all the information you need to bring it into your daily life.

Hydrosols, also referred to as Hydrolats are the co-product of the distillation process and have abundant healing benefits and are generally all gentle, hydrating and nourishing. We will choose the perfect Hydrosol for you.

Crystal Altars begin with a centrepiece, which sets the intention for healing. The four support/side stones complete the altar representing the 4 directions. Creating crystal altars for my clients is almost my favourite part! (apart from blending lol) These altars are like a mini mesa, the silk pouch is the altar cloth for laying out or for tucking away, offering ease for travel, for under a pillow, in a purse or pocket.

Beeswax Candles - Just like waterfalls, the ocean shore and UV rays from the sun, Beeswax candles produce negative ions when they are burned, increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain and improving alertness.  

Botanical Incense - an addition to a consultation. May be gently warmed in a copper incense warmer, or burned on charcoal or a bed of dried herbs. Such a rich and ceremonial fragrance. See my Copper Incense Warmers for sale.

Reiki Treatments - Prices for a Reiki Treatment are on a sliding scale.