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Kitchen Witching 

I have had the pleasure to dive deep into my kitchen this past week as temperatures have dropped here in the West. All of my tinctures, infusions, ciders and medicinal preparations that I made over the last year were ever so happy to be strained and bottled up to be brought into the medicine cabinet. My Fire Cider is so potent and packed with the immune enhancing nutritional vibes of onion, garlic, horseradish, ginger honey and apple cider vinegar. Arriving in perfect time, since in reality, it is highly likely that contracting Covid will happen for all of us at some point.  I also made a super powered Elderberry syrup with all the usual suspects of Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger as well as Thyme, Yarrow, Peppermint, Elderflower, Astralagus, Reishi and Chaga! It absolutely has super powers and the plan is to use it preventatively on the daily for the next couple of months.

 Next week I expect to receive a book I ordered on Medicinal Mushrooms, bringing me to the final chapter in my studies with the Science and Art of Herbology and Rosemary Gladstar. This online program has been my constant companion this past few years and I am proud to say, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

In other news, my diet has been shite for the past few months, in particular in recent weeks, with plenty of chips, chocolate, pastries, Blood Orange Pelligrino, Lonetree cider, Jaegermeister and Baileys eek! What the hizzle!?! I am looking forward to cleaning up My Temple, and so January brings some renewed and revitalized eating habits and not going down the processed, sugary, wheat filled road. 

My Tarot card reading on New Years Eve has inspired me to write a poem. The past few years I have created an art related project around New Years Tarot readings, inspiring and sparking my intentions, and always for deepening my spiritual practice and aligning with my highest and best. Here it is! In Joy!

Amidst the Chaos, Be the Calm

Self Reflection, Self Care, Silence and Solitude

Visioning Courageous Sovereignty

Strength, Destruction and Presence

Eternally Deepening Elemental Connection

Holding Ground within the Chaos

Earth to Sky

Survivor of Sorrow and Storm

to be SS (Still Standing)

Beside and Inside the Divine

Balance and Harmonize 

Mystical Knowledge with Reason and Sensation

to Radiate a Quality of Completeness

Moderation, Balance, Patience


Kitchen Witching (for me) is so many things, it is about growth, acceptance, ownership, humbleness, play, creativity and healing my blood lineage, and my karma, connecting deeper with my high self, thus bringing me joy and sparking my passion. Working with the natural world and plant realm is so deeply felt in my bones.

Currently I have a Reishi, Dandelion Root, Chaga, Chicory, Astralagus Chai decocting on the stove!  Check my pic!! LOVE IS ALL! 

Bright Blessings!!!

1 comment on I love Kitchen Witching!
  • Christine Selda
    Christine SeldaMarch 23, 2023

    Very nice witchy sister:) I love you so! Xx

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