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Embrace the Breath of Freshness with Air Spritzer

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Embrace the breath of freshness with our Air Spritzer. Experience the invigorating power of this refreshing blend as it revitalizes and rejuvenates your surroundings. With just a few sprays, the crisp and uplifting aroma fills the air, creating a sense of renewal and vitality. Let the refreshing breeze of the Air Spritzer bring a breath of fresh air to your space, invigorating your senses and revitalizing your environment. Elevate your surroundings and embrace the invigorating effects of our Air Spritzer.

Cleanse Thy Space with a potent combination of purifying and cleansing citrus essential oils. Uplift a static state, purify the mind + sweeten the spirit with AIR essential oil.

Suggested Use: Spray liberally to cleanse and purify spaces, particularly above the head and behind the neck. 

Ingredients: Essential Oils of Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange & Lemongrass with crystal chips, imbued with blessings for cleansing and clearing, refreshing the senses, and inspiring the mind.

This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease and does not replace your medical practitioner’s advice. 

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