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Andean Archetype Essential Oil Collection with Chakra Altar

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Introducing our Andean Archetype Essential Oil Collection - a unique and powerful way to connect with the healing energy of the natural world.

Our collection features five distinct essential oil synergies, each crafted to embody the spirit of a different Andean archetype: Sachamama, Otorongo, Siwarkenti Apuchin, and Carnation (used in ceremony representing Mother Earth)

These oils are perfect for those seeking a deeper connection to nature, as well as for those looking to enhance their spiritual practices strengthening perceptual shift processes. Blended with intention and with the highest quality essential oils, each synergy is imprinted with the ancient wisdom of the Andean Shamanic tradition.

Experience the transformative power of these oils and unlock your inner potential with our Andean Archetype Essential Oil Collection. Order now and discover the healing energy of the archetype spirits for yourself. The Andean Archetype Collection includes a 7 stone Love is All Chakra Altar as well as the 5 Andean Archetype Decals. 

This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease and does not replace your medical practitioner’s advice.

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