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Calming + Relaxing Essential Oil - WATER

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Nurture thy heart by soothing the mind, body and spirit with floral and citrus notes which encourage relaxation, support deep sleep, soften around your edges and wash away stress and anxiety.

Ingredients: Essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium & Sweet Orange with a Blue Quartz crystal imbued with blessings for soul and spirit tending, soothing serenity and prayers for heart healing & self-care.

Suggested Use: 2-3 drops into the palms, rub hands together and cup in front of face, take a deep inhale + exhale. 2 drops on the heart centre for nurturing grief.

Diffusion - 5-7 drops in the diffuser

Topical - 30-40 drops in 80ml of distilled water for a room spray, 30 drops into 30ml of unscented oil/lotion for massaging onto the body,

5-7 drops in the bath. (swish water before immersing) 

Calming + Relaxing Essential Oil  - WATERCalming + Relaxing Essential Oil  - WATER