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Chamomile Aromatic Water - CHAMOMILE HYDROSOL

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Soothe Thy Skin and ease stress and anxiety with mellow apple sweetness. Nurture and cool tear stained cheeks and eyes, soothe inflamed sensitive skin. 

Benefits: Sensitive and dry skin

Ingredients: Hydro-Distilled Chamomile Water

Suggested Use: Mist liberally as needed to soothe irritated skin and to ease itchy, inflamed skin. May be used in a compress or sitz bath as a linen spray or facial mist. 

This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease and does not replace your medical practitioner’s advice. 

Chamomile Aromatic Water - CHAMOMILE HYDROSOLChamomile Aromatic Water - CHAMOMILE HYDROSOL