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Authentic & Organic

Come Full Circle Claim your Wholeness with the Transformative Energy of Ouroboros Water

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Experience the energetic cleansing of Ouroboros Water, which sets intention to clear your path, as you cleanse and revitalize your space on an energetic level. As you spray the mist, feel the transformative energy of Ouroboros Water enveloping your surroundings, clearing away stagnant energy and inviting in renewed vibrancy.

Let the powerful cycle of the Ouroboros, symbolizing endless renewal and transformation, empower you on your healing path, as you experience Ouroboros Water revitalize your space and invite positive and uplifting energies.

Come Full Circle, Claim Your Wholeness with Ouroboros Water Amaru's version of Florida Water.

Ingredients: Vodka, Wild Rose Hydrosol, Organic  Essential Oils of Bergamot, Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Lavender and Neroli/Pettitgrain Co Distillation.

Mist the air, back of neck, wrists for energetic clearing and to raise vibration.

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