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Introducing our essential oils "Water, Air, Earth and Fire" collection - a unique and powerful way to experience the elements and to connect and balance our mental, emotional physical and spiritual health.

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Andean Archetype Collection

Introducing our Archetype Essential Oils collection - a unique and powerful way to connect with the healing energy of the natural world.

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How do you use essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated and for the majority of essential oils, it is important to dilute them in jojoba/olive oil and/or any vegetable based medium when using on the body. For dilution amounts for adults and children (see image).

When using essential oils for environmental aroma, you can use a diffuser which can be either electric or candle lit, with water in the vessel or a more clinical diffuser uses (a lot) of essential oil alone. When the essential oils are warmed or agitated, the aromatic molecules rise and are released into the air.

How are essential oils produced?

Essential oils are concentrated plant essences produced mainly by hydro/steam distillation, and also by expression (squeezing the rind of a fruit). The definition of an Essential oil, as far as the industry goes, is that essential oils are extracted in as pure and natural a process as possible. There are a number of ways to pull aromatics from a plant and some involve using chemical solvents. In Aromatherapy, these products are not considered essential oils, but may be used in the perfume industry. Absolutes and C02 extracts may have a place in Aromatherapy, but they are not considered essential oils.

What does it mean to harvest sustainably?  

It is important to me that my impact on Pachamama (Mother Earth) be gentle, loving and in reciprocity, therefore, I always give offerings to the plants for their gift of allowing me to make healing products. Since I am receiving from the plant, I feel it is only appropriate to gift back something that grows on me, and so I save my hair to give to the plant when I harvest. When I Wildcraft St. John’s Wort flowers and Wild Roses from nature, I connect with the plant, and ask first. Upon receiving an answer, giving thanks and making prayers, I harvest with good intention and take only what I need. That is how I harvest sustainably

Can I take your essential oils internally?

This question is a very hot topic and the short answer is that unless you are working with a certified aromatherapist, I do not recommend anyone to ingest any essential oils. As someone who has been immersed in the Aromatherapy industry for over 20 years, this topic is controversial. Many MLM representatives are telling people that they can drink essential oils. This kind of language and recommendation is dangerous, and can cause a multitude of health issues. I have read stories of burning of the trachea, damage to the internal organs and tissues as well as major skin issues, which have been falsely diagnosed by those same representatives that they are just detoxing and to continue using them!!! There is plenty of information on the internet of people who have told their stories, following major health issues. There IS a place for the internal use of essential oils under the advice of a certified aromatherapist, who has been trained to take into consideration the essential oils being used, knowing the species, the constituents and the situation in which the essential oils are needed.

The REAL question is about QUALITY. Pure, Natural (Genuine) and Organic are the three integral components I employ when sourcing essential oils from within the Aromatherapy industry.